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Soil Testing

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Floor Flatness

Post Tension Inspection

Fire Resistive Materials Testing

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We provide geotechnical services for industrial, commercial and residential developments; buildings and high rises; industrial sites (Oil & Gas and Manufacturing) to guide our clients from investigation through innovative design and construction. We provide concrete, aggregate and asphalt mix designs & reviews; pile monitoring (driven steel, belled, compacto and CFA); footing inspections; nondestructive concrete testing. Our partnership allows us to have access to CCIL Approved Laboratory (Field and mobile). We provide soil, aggregate, concrete and asphalt testing; We also provide compaction testing and other type of field monitoring. 



Management has extensive knowledge of oil sands needs and expectations.  180 years of combined industry experience in local heavy and light civil construction in Alberta. 

We provide following services through our partnership with Image Pipelines

  • CCTV pipe inspection services 
  • Dams - Copper, earth Dyke construction.
  • Horizontal drilling
  • Muskeg removal
  • Hydro vac  services.

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We are proud of our core values: delivering on promises. We are proud to provide information to build on.  We provide safe and sustainable project solutions for our customers. Geotechnical, materials testing and engineering consultants





Suncor Coke Cap (Ponds) - Fort McMurray


Glenmore Dam Infrastructure Improvements Project – Calgary


Institution for women, Edmonton.


Retaining wall, Edmonton International Airport



Geotechnical Testing, Soil, Concrete

Walmart (Store # 1136) East Hills, Calgary


SUNCOR VU Upgrader – Fort McMurray, AB


CNRL -Froth treatment, Fort McMurray, AB


Shell / Albian Sands Air Strip – Fort McMurray, AB


OPTI - Long Lake, Fort McMurray


Imperial Oil ULSD Project Upgrade, Edmonton, AB


Syncrude Base Plant Expansion - Office Facilities, Fort McMurray, Ab


Other Project Experience


 - SUNCOR VU Upgrader - Fort McMurray, AB  

- Albian Sands Air Strip - Fort McMurray, AB

- CNRL Froth Treatment and Upgrade - Fort McMurray, AB

- SUNCOR Steepbank Extraction Plant - Fort McMurray, AB

- Wolverine Coal Mine, Tumbler Ridge, BC

- Imperial Oil ULSD Project Upgrade - Edmonton, AB

- Petro Canada Upgrade - Fort Saskatchewan, AB

Big Box Stores

- Walmart, Calgary

- Canadian Tire, Edmonton

- Home Depot, Edmonton

- Best Buy, Edmonton

- Sears, West Edmonton Mall, AB

Educational Facilities

 - Slave Lake Catholic High School

 - Elk Island Public Elementary School

 - A. Blair McPherson School

 - Millet School  


- Edmonton International Airport  Expansion, 2015-2017

- Calgary International Airport, Expansion - 2012-2013

- Shell Airstrip, Fort McMurray

- Parkland Airport Expansion, Parkland County, AB

Residential & Commercial Buildings

- Sherwood Park Commercial Center, Edmonton

- Fort Saskatchewan Commercial Development

- Cherrywood Homes – Fort McMurray

- West Edmonton Mall Expansion

- Claireview Rec. Centre & Library

- W4 Industrial Park, Fort askatchewan  

Communication Towers

- Telus Mobility (Numerous Sites)

- Rogers (Numerous Sites)

- Advantage Tower (Numerous Sites)

- CCI Wireless - Calgary


Northwind; Downtown District Cooling Distribution, Phase 1A/1B, Houston, Texas.



- Geotechnical Testing

- Soil Testing 

- Concrete Testing

- Reinforcing Steel Inspection

- Structural steel inspection

- Fire resistive material testing

- Post-tension inspection

- Thermocouples

- Column plumbness

Enron II- Houston, Texas



Worked on this forty two story office building which was founded on approximately 13,000 cubic yards of concrete mat foundations and thirteen story parking garage. 

- Geotechnical Testing

- Reinforcing steel inspection

- Structural steel inspection

- Fire resistive material testing

- Post-tension inspection


- Column plumbness

- Floor flatness inspection. 

University of Texas School of Nursing - Houston, Texas



- Participated in a mix design study with Hanson Concrete as requested for the University of Texas to evaluate suitable concrete mixes for construction of a new nursing school building in the Medical Center in Houston, Texas. Concrete with flyash concentrations between 30% and 65% off the cementitious content were tested with two admixtures at total cementitious contents between 4.75 and 9.25 sacks/cubic yard. The nursing school consists of eight-story cast in place concrete building on a mat foundation. An overall goal of this project was to use 50% flyash, as a percent of the total cementitious material, for all concrete placed on this project.  Additional duties included managing and supervising of testing of all the fill material, reinforcing steel inspection, concrete testing, batch plant control, thermocouple, structural steel inspection for this project. Also monitored budget for all the material testing for this project, report preparation, review reports, recommended the fill that was placed over the mat foundation. 

BMS Parking Garage – Houston, Texas


Multi-story parking garage in Houston, Texas.

-Geotechical testing and recommendations

-Materials engineering and testing

-Post-tension inspection

Resident Hall and 5 story parking garage; University of St. Thomas – Houston, Texas


- Worked with a team consists of structural engineer, architect, civil engineer and general contractor to remove existing piers, designed new piers and recommended suitable fill materials to replace the removed piers. 

- Materials engineering and testing

- Geotechnical testing and recommendations.

HMB Parking garage; University of Texas Cancer Center – Houston, Texas


 Multi-story parking garage in Houston, Texas.

-Geotechical testing and recommendations

-Materials engineering and testing

-Post-tension inspection

-Reinforcing steel inspection